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This interior is just one of the many features of  El Pimpioso. Starting with the custom steering wheel cover, pillows, leather and sued seats and door panels. Small detail are also done to this unique ride but only seeing El Pimpioso is how it could be admire.

This is one of the Custom Floor mats that overlie on the interior floor of  El Pimpioso. The carpet on this ride was also specially ordered hunter green to complete the green and  white details inside. Keeping everything toned on this ride is essential.                                                                                                                                                                El Pimpioso's  way of  thinking is "if it doesn't tone it doesn't go! 

 The Head liner was carefully upholstered to keep the same look as everything else around the car. The head liner also has an opening for the moon roof that was added to give this 1983 Toyota a unique look. As you might know, the Corollas of this year don't bring power moon roof just because the vehicles power is not enough to make everything work. This is not the case on this sweet ride. 

This is a closer look of some of the Interior details that "El Pimpioso" has to offer. Starting with a custom Steering wheel cover that shows a mirror on the center. Custom floor mats cover the green carpet that was specially ordered to dress the floor of this ride. 

This is a way that "El Pimpioso" gets into details starting with the custom interior that includes his own custom pillows to dress up the unique leather and sued interior. The pillows also were made with the idea of dices. One of them has four (4) buttons and the other three (3) you know lucky seven.

Who would think that a 1983 Toyota Corolla would be equipped with a sophisticated power window and power locks system. This is where customization gets very important because power windows and power locks need lots of power, but that wasn't a problem due to the 110 amp chrome alternator that was installed for more power. 

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