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This is a quick look of "El Pimpioso" in action  at a beach in Lynn, MA. These pictures show some of the features that he has to show, like the suicide hood, graphics on the hood and between the doors.

This sweet ride has many different looks from wild to mild. Here you see him just chilling with some friends at a cool spot in Jamaica Plain Boston.

This is a view of the driverside skirt that dress up that side. This side skirt is molded to give the look of one piece with no attached line.

This picture shows how the body kit was customized to give it a smooth look. A side marker was added to also give it an euro look.

Front bumper kit was also molded to keep the smooth look that is shown all around this custom ride.

This lighted Rear wing give this trunk a sporty and custom look just because in 1983 the Toyota manufactures weren't thinking about lighted rear wings. 

Back bumper  and lights were kept with the original look. This are some of the few parts of the vehicle that weren't customized ( at least not yet!)

Looking at this backside picture is easy to admire the sweet body work that took place when building this ride.

The headlights on this 1983 Toyota were definitely custom. They give the front of this ride a more updated euro look. Also inside of this headlights you will see strobes that start on the headlights and will go all the way thru the side markers and tail lights. 

Here you could see "El Pimpioso" chilling in the beach just letting the camera take some snap shots of his unique looks.

Here you could see a closer shot of this 1983 Toyota Corolla. "El Pimpioso" really doesn't have a problem with photos he enjoys them. 

After a good show the best thing is to celebrate and take pictures with the awards. This is what "El Pimpioso" likes to do.

In this pictures you could see one of  the hidden suprises the their is to offer from this ride. You could call it a bag of tricks!

Check how the muffler is customized to be center .

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