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Just keeping in mind that most of this graphics were done in memory of three loyal friends and fellow Boston Low Riders members. Luis, Freddy and Juan " R.I.P".

A mural was done to the inside of the hood dedicated to the friends that departed from this world and are resting in peace but still are remaining in our hearts. The graphics that start on the hood go thru out the door jams, under carridge, trunk lid and gas lid.

A very deep message was airbrush to the mural the means " I will tip my drink for my friends".

This is on of the vehicles that is on the mural. Luis was one of the most ready to go guy. If it was time to go to a show he was there. R.I.P Luis!

Freddy was a loyal  friend.  He always gave 110% when it time to cruise  and do club activities. R.I.P Freddy!

R.I.P Low Down!

This is one of the smallest details that you will find on this well detailed mural. This is on the bottom right corner of  the hood and the message says "In Loving Memory of..."

This is the bottom of the mural on the hood. Here you could see the complete bottom that shows a cemetery with the three (3) tomstones with a hand coming out of the sky and pouring beer over them. Also the "Pimp ghost" is on the sky with lightnings shooting out of his finger tips.  

Here is the outside of the hood that shows a "Pimp ghost" in the clouds and the car parked in a cemetery with the owner next to it.

The Brake pump has the Puerto Rican flag airbrushed on to it and if you look closer you could tell how detail it is.

Inside Trunk.

Inside of the gas lid.

Under carriage.

Between the passenger door.

Front suspension.

Diamond cut Windshield.

Complete Windshield. Here you could see how the details that where done. Everything was done sand blast and diamond cut.

Graphic on passangger window

Tomstone on windows

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