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 * I want to give thanks to all the special people that made this dream come truth, to all the friends and fans that day by day and show by show make me so happy to have a ride like "EL PIMPIOSO". Their is more "Pimpioso" to come. Stay tuned!  I will like to give thanks to my fellow members from the S2i (Simply 2 Impress) Boston's Auto Club that are always around to help when ever I need them! I also will like to give special thanks  to CARLOS HERPHIN from the S2i auto club IT department for making this page such a great one! 

* I will like to give Special thanks to the Simply 2 Impress Boston's auto club for Accomplishing something others only dream off, winning 1st place in the Puerto Rican parade carshow and 1st place in the Puerto Rican day parade. Keep it going fellows!


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