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I could give you a long story about "El Pimpioso" but I know that people will get bored with the all the reading. I will be keep it short, sweet and straight to the point.

Everything started with a vehicle that wasn't even thinking of making it back to see the streets of Boston all because it was just sitting in a junk yard. The vehicle was stolen from the first owner and it was dismantle. When Quique and Chapo (brother) found this vehicle the first thing in their mind was "project car". From their the journey begin, first it took sometime to put the car back together because it was completely dismantle. Right after that Quique (Owner) was undecided on what color to give this vehicle to make sure that the color will be one of a kind making the vehicle one of a kind too. The key on making a vehicle unique is going all custom. So with that Idea in mind the guys started looking for parts to give it that unique look. A body kit was added picked from different vehicles they where custom to fit the 1983 Toyota Corolla.

After the vehicle was all set to hit the boulevard the fun really begin!

I just want to say there is more to come! Stay tuned you won't regret it!

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